CourseAssignment TutorialFaculty NameEmail_id
Wireless and Mobile CommunicationAssignment Tutorial
Module I
Module II
Module III
Module IV
Miss Insha Majeed
Wireless and Mobile Communication lab Assignment Tutorial Miss Insha
Information Security Assignment Tutorial
Information Security Module II
Information Security Module III
Information Security Module IV
Information Security Module V
Miss Insha
Information Security Lab Assignment TutorialMiss Insha
Image ProcessingAssignment Lecture IMrs. Arooj
Image Processing labAssignment TutorialMrs. Arooj
Cloud ComputingAssignment cloud computing Lecture 1
cloud computing Lecture 2
cloud computing Lecture 3
cloud computing Lecture 4
cloud computing Lecture 5
Mr. Kalimullah
Compiler Design (Elective II)Assignment on Compiler Design Syllabus for Compiler Design
Notes on Compiler Design
Introduction to Compiler Design
Lexical Analysis
Syntax Analysis
Syntax Directed Translation
Run Time System
Intermediate code generation
Code Generation
Miss Neelam
Natural Language Processing (Elective)Assignment UNIT I Mr. Aijaz Farooq
Geographical Information System (Elective Assignment Lecture Notes Miss Insha